#1250 Salmon Processsing Container

Containerized Salmon H&G Processing System

The Containerized Salmon H&G systems allow quick installation of complete processing lines onto ships or into shore plants, and just as quick removal. Wiring and other utilities are installed in the container, and the equipment is protected from theft and damage during storage.

Over 20 containerized systems are curretently used in Alaska and Russia processing Cod, Crab, and Salmon.
Containers are easily moved onto a trawl ship deck for the salmon season, and removed after.
Containers are an efficient way to expand limited processing space.

The containers are constructed of marine grade Aluminum, and can be insulated for cold weather operation.

The fish are first headed on a RYCO #225 Automatic Header
The fish feed into the RYCO #644 Gutter
The fish are ejected gently onto an inspection and grading belt, ready for freezing.
The roe are automatically removed without damage to the skeins, and collected by a conveying system on a sorting and grading area.

A complete system for processing the roe by washing, brine washing, drying and packaging can also be provided in an adjacent container.

Cleaning capacity of over 120 fish per minute, 2 to 12 pounds
Heavy aluminum plate construction
Non-corroding components
Suitable for shipboard installation
Requires filtered, fresh or salt water at 10gpm,100 psi
Requires 15 kw electrical power
Container includes air compressor for operating heading machine and high pressure water pump for the gutting machine
Container operating weight is 6 mt.