True Nobbing Mechanism removes head with gullet and most viscera. Fish are clean enough for most applications.

Precision measuring method adjusts for fish size, resulting in high recovery.


Sardine, Herring, Mackerel, Whiting, Smelt, Crunida and similar fish.
Fish Sizes:

Fish Sizes:

Fish Pockets:                   Fish/KG               Fish/min
45 mm                              10-25                    250-310
60 mm                             4.0-20                  225-310
75 mm                              2.5-8.0                 200-310
90 mm                              2.0-6.0                200-250

• Most hardware components are standard.
• Electrical components rated to IP 68+
• Variable speed drives
• Heavy stainless frame
• Stainless bearings

Power Consumption: 1,1 kW
Water Consumption: 10-15 liters/min
Water Pressure bar: 3 bar
Net Weight: 1000 kg
Numbers of operators: 3-6

■ Infeed table: Available in different sizes.
■ Piece cutter: Cuts into pieces of predetermined lengths.
■ Sex sorting unit: Removes females before nobbing section.