#677 Fish Scaling Machine

This high speed fish descaling machine is equipped with six descaling spindles, three above and three below the fish, with different shapes to descale high and narrow fish.

Salmon, Haddock, Ocean perch, Tilapia and similar species scaled cleanly and efficiently.

The speed through the machine variable. Suitable for installation on or off shore.

Manufactured to the high standards of Ryco.

One operator is needed to feed the machine.

Adjustment easy for different fish species.

Technical Data:

  • Fish Species:Salmon, Trout, Ocean Pearch, Haddock and Tilapia
  • Working Range: 0.5 to 6kg
  • Throughput rate: 30 to 100 fishes/minute according to size
  • Fish thickness: max 70 mm
  • Fish height: max 200 mm