#971 Wetpumps

Low inlet, bottom outlet truly damage-free fish transfer

The patented #971 Fish Wetpump will pump faster, with less damage, than any other wetpump built. ANYWHERE.

In most cases, the #971 Wetpump causes less damage and scale loss than ANY alternative means of fish transfer.

The advantage of the RYCO design is the reduced suction height, which in many cases allows the RYCO Wetpump to move fish at two or three times the rate of similar sized pumps in similar installations.

Pump can be located in low overhead locations where no other fish pump would fit.

Our automatic wetpumps use standard compressed air valves and air cylinders. This system will not freeze up in cold air, and is easily maintained in remote locations by untrained employees. This is the most bulletproof control system available.

Conical discharge heads are available for the largest fish, and are popular with Alaska Cod processors.

Rubber Bladder valves are available for special applications.